Foot Fetish

Fetish and being submissive

What average person associates feet with? Usually with something dirty, something nasty, stinky. If you touch someone’s foot, you should immediately wash your hands afterwards. Of course if you have to touch it because average person avoids that. Being at someones feet is also considered as humiliating activity. Serving at someones feet or being forced to worship them is like a crime against our own dignity. Let along being a foot slave for someone. But what if that sort of humiliation is a dream and unfulfilled may become obsession? I’ve been asking myself whether foot fetish comes from a need to be humiliated or a need of humiliation naturarly brings craving to adore other person’s feet. But I didn’t find the answer. However, let’s compare two situations. First is meeting someone who shares our passion towards feet. He also loves to be degraded, limited to role of an object used at other man’s feet. We discuss the details and meet for some fun. We both know what the other one enjoys, we play roles in order to give each other pleasure, even while treating each other in turns like complete bitch and slave. And second situation? We’re just chatting online when we find this new guy. He’s very expansive, speaks mostly of himself, obviously showing high self esteem. He’d like to meet up but didn’t even ask what we expect from this relationship, he seems to be absolutely focused on his own needs. On the other hand, he’s really handsome and tempting. So we meet and start from small talk. Face to face he appears to be bossy, and it’s him who gives signal to play… We do everything he wants, and though we crave to worship his feet so much, we accidentally touch it or take a sniff because we don’t have balls to admit how much we want to kiss and lick them. But somehow the second situation gives us much more pleasure than the first one. And why? Doesn’t it simply come from fact that we want to be at man’s feet but not accepted there as an equal side of a game? We want to be forced even if we wanted that. We dream to be scorned and degraded when it’s not a role, when it spontaneously happens because the other guy actually thinks we are passive and deserve less attention. And perhaps that’s why thug boys and muscular, rough jocks are so highly appreciated in all sorts of fetish porn – they are the type we expect to be bullied, abused and humiliated by.

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