My Story

I’ll tell you my story ….

 I am 26 years old and I live in Israel.

I’m sending  my socks because I have to pay for my college studies.

It all started about a year ago that I first heard people like the smell of my legs.

It was strange for me the first time to hear it from one of my classmates.

After a few days I published a pair of socks for sale and the product was sold after 24 hours, I was just in shock. After the purchase I received an email and the customer asked me to wear the socks for 2 day and send them to him.

I really wanted my first customer to be satisfied. After two weeks I got a message from the client and there he wrote that he really liked the smell of my socks and asked me to send him a few more pairs.

Today I have  number of  friends Who love and buy my socks .They are from the United States, Germany, England and Slovakia and Denmark.

When I was young, my feet were always sweating.

All the kids would laugh at me because the feet

 were always sweaty and the socks were very stinking.

I was very sad about the situation but I did not have much to do.

One day I thought to do surgery to get rid of sweat in my feet.

But after a few days I told myself I had to deal with the situation and live with it.

One day a friend told me he liked to smell used socks

And he looks for socks with a used smell.

I finally thought to myself that someone might use

my socks and would not laugh at me for having sweaty, stinking feet.

I brought him a few socks every week and so it went on for several months.

I was very happy that  him liked the smell of my socks

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