Buy My Used Socks

If your answer is you  come to the right place

?Have you been disappointed by buying Smelly Socks

I am really happy that i tried your socks , had a great strong smell of your feet. I wil buy from you again. Like your videos that you upload

 John From England


Great well worn socks. I like so much your videos and your sexy feet. I like to open the zip lock with your smelly socks

Mark From United States 


I love sniff your stinky socks. Your toes are so sexy and I always waiting for your package  just want sniff them again

 Daniel From Denmark


About Foot Fetish

 I’ve been asking myself whether foot fetish comes from a need to be humiliated or a need of humiliation naturarly brings craving to adore other person’s 

My Story

When I was young, my feet were always sweating. All the kids would laugh at me because my feetwere always sweaty and the socks were stinky

Friend Story

How it all started? Recalling the early foot fetish experiences I see myself in the playroom of my kindergarten, maybe at the age of 4

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